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mGuard Secure Cloud

Cloud-based Instant Remote Services for a smart Industry


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What is it?


Phoenix's mGuard Secure Cloud offers operators and machine builders a highly secure, web-based method for instant remote services to any machine and production plant within a client's network. The mGuard Secure Cloud is a professionally hosted, turnkey remote-services ecosystem for both the machine builder and the plant operator. Using a standard web browser, service personnel can connect to the Secure Cloud website and, after successfully authenticating, access all relevant client information: locations, operators, service targets (machines), users, as well as their access rights. A quick overview is also made available of all machines currently online and ready for instant remote service.


Is it simple?

Implementing and operating an industry-standard remote services solution can be a complex task. Our cloud-based service remedies this situation, with a turnkey system for industrial remote services for utility operators, machine builders and plant technicians. Setup takes place in a few easy steps with hard- and software configuration provided.


Is it secure?

The mGuard VPN technology uses the IPsec security protocol with strong encryption. This guarantees the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of all information and data transmitted between the service staff and the machines.


Is it reliable?

The mGuard Secure Cloud forms a powerful and scalable VPN infrastructure in the cloud, securely interconnecting service staff with machines and plants via the Internet. Operated in a state-of-the-art data center with 24x7x365 monitoring, this ensures maximum reliability and availability to support your machines, facilities and customers.


Where is this available?

Companies from the following countries can use the mGuard Secure Cloud:

/ All EU countries
/ Switzerland
/ Norway
/ USA, Canada, Americas

Of course, your service targets (machines) and service technicians can access the mGuard Secure Cloud services worldwide.


mGuard Secure Cloud architecture


Service Workstations

For service workstations, the mGuard Secure Cloud is also available for use with certified VPN software clients: the mGuard Secure VPN Client and the Shrew Soft VPN Client. The mGuard Secure VPN Client is a major component of the mGuard Ecosystem and ideal for road warriors, service staff and teleworker in mobile and stationary use cases. But also any mGuard VPN devices can be used: from USB-powered portable mGuards, devices for the desktop together with PCI-compliant versions.

Service Targets (Machines)

For the secure connection of machines to the mGuard Secure Cloud any mGuard VPN devices can be used. The comprehensive mGuard portfolio allows tremendous flexibility in application scenarios while maintaining high protection. The range varies from industrial-hardened versions with wired and wireless interfaces as well as hazardous location approvals, mGuards for 19" racks together with PCI-compliant and virtualized versions.


Available Editions

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